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MR Popovich & Company (MRP) is a small company headquartered in San Diego, Ca. The company has been in business since 1995, specializing in delivering command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) training to U.S. Navy commands. The company maintains and delivers seven courses - the first two are: 1) Over-the-Horizon Targeting (OTH-T) C4I and 2) C4I System Engineering. These are formal Navy courses with course identification numbers of K-2G-0127 and K-121-0181 respectively. Each course is 5 days in length and MRP is the only company currently approved to deliver these courses. Both courses are required for Navy Surface Firecontrolmen to earn the FC1332, OTH-T Supervisor, NEC.

The third course is called "Common Operational Picture - Advanced" (CA), CIN A-2G-0017. This is a five day course targeted at training Common Tactical Picture Managers. The fourth course is Strike Group Common Tactical Picture (CTP) Team Training, CIN J-2G-0009. This five day team training course for Strike Group personnel was developed with Tactical Training Group, Pacific (TTGP). Strike Group CTP Team Trainer builds on the concepts and skills taught in the first three courses, focusing on the development of Strike Group guidance and components of battle rhythm.

Our fifth course, the Tactical Tomahawk Weapon System Engineering course, CIN K-221-0165, is a five day course patterned after the C4I System Engineering course. The focus, however, is the end to end system training required on a Tactical Tomahawk (Blk 4) ship or flag level ship.

MRP's sixth course, Information and Communications Managers Course (ICMC), CIN A-202-0041, launched September 2003. This is a three week course with a target audience similar to its predecessor, IT21 For Managers, in that it is currently offered for Communications Officers, senior IT's, and Information Professional (IP) community personnel. Our seventh course is the Information Professional Basic Course, CIN A-202-0006. This two week course introduces the new Information Professional Officer to the IP community.

In addition to classroom instruction, MRP provides C4I System Engineering support to both Tactical Training Group, Pacific (TTGPAC) and Afloat Training Group, Atlantic (ATGLANT). Implicit in this task is on-site support for: GCCS-M, Windows PCs, Switches, GFCP, Aimpoint Scenario Generators and SLAMEX PAC cruise missile training exercises.

In summary, at MRP, we develop current, high quality curricula and provide superb instruction and system engineering support to get that information to the students.  We are continuously working to improve the quality of C4I training for the Fleet.  As our motto indicates, everything we teach is "Acclaro Explicatus" (i.e. "Clearly Explained").


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